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The full video course for EOA is retiring, but before it goes into the vault, it’s having a last hurrah.
This weekend only, it’s marked waaaaay down to just $20 from it’s usual $259, but here’s the kicker: after each purchase, the price increases by $1. The earlier you snag it, the better deal you’re getting.

After Monday, November 26, the video course will close up forever, and your only chance to learn more about my methods for creating + selling digital products on Etsy will be the revamped ebook that retails for $79. Keep scrolling to see full details on the video course that’s retiring this weekend, and be sure to snag your spot quick, the price increases with each new person who clicks that button + buys the course.

Put an end to the guesswork on Etsy, and start
breaking ground on a new stream of income.


There’s no doubt that digital products are on the rise.

No matter if you’re a service-provider, a product-based business, or new to creating products for profit, digital products expand your reach and your revenue opportunities. Free up your time, and create flexible financial opportunities to help you grow your business without growing your to-do list. But with so many other digital products out there, how do you stand out? How do you make sure you’ve created the right digital product that will rise to the top of your customer’s search results? And how do you choose a platform that's beginner-friendly but doesn't limit your growth opportunities? 


Creating an amazing product is only half the battle. 
To sell, it has to be seen.

You want to take that leap into passive income,
but you're not sure if it's for you, or where to even start.

  • Maybe you’re curious about trying Etsy, but not sure how you could stand out in such a big marketplace.

  • Maybe you’re a total newbie to online business, and you’re ready to make your digital footprint right off the bat.

  • Maybe you’ve got a service-based business, and you feel limited by the demand on your time and resources.

  • Maybe you sell physical products, but are looking for more cushion in your finances and schedule.

  • Or, maybe you’re wanting more free time to spend with the ones you love most, without sacrificing your income.


When you think about selling on Etsy, you're a little skeptical.

  • How do I stand out on massive search results pages, and on such a huge platform?

  • How do I know my digital product idea will do okay on Etsy?

  • How do I make sure my customers actually want what I'm creating, and how do I get them to buy it?

  • What if I want to sell customized digital products, how do I do that on Etsy and what are the logistics?

  • What do I do if no one is buying my digital product on Etsy?

  • How often do I add more products, and how many total should I have in my shop? (spoiler = it doesn't matter!)

  • How do I grow my audience and brand my shop?

  • I've already seen 100 other digital products like mine on Etsy, so what's the point?


I understand your doubts, because I had them, too.

I'm Kelsey, and my first Etsy shop was a total flop.

Actually my first few shops weren't doing so hot. After years of my own Etsy failures (which all started around 2007), I found myself searching Etsy for a meal planner that would help me save time and money. Instead of finding a meal planner that I truly loved, I discovered something even better. I was introduced to a whole new way to do business online: digital products! From printables to design templates, there was a whole new stream of revenue in front of me, in a space I was already familiar with: Etsy.

As I scoured the search results pages, I saw huge holes in the market for digital products and printables that carried my design aesthetic. There was no shortage of printables — but there was an enormous gap between function and beautiful design.

Armed with my design skills, unique aesthetic, and the planning systems I grew up with (Thanks, Mom!), I called in sick at my 9-5, did some hefty research on what was already out there on Etsy, and spent the whole day creating my first printable kit.

Within one month, I brought in $1,000 in Etsy revenue, having just a few digital, printable kits in my shop. I knew I was onto something, but I also knew there was more to learn to be able to sell sustainably on Etsy.

Three years later, after a fresh divorce and with a baby on the way, I fiercely focused on growing my Etsy income with digital products, in order to stay home with my daughter once she was born. I carefully planned, created and strategically listed almost 40 listings in my Etsy shop and, within the next year, my Etsy income replaced my full-time 9-5 salary. (Keep scrolling to see some stats on my first full year with digital products on Etsy.)



Regardless of why you’re here, there’s one thing you should know about selling digital products on Etsy:

You need a step-by-step plan that gets you from
idea to launch to financial flexibility.


That's where Etsy on Autopilot comes in.
Your step-by-step plan to turning your passion and skill set into
profitable, digital products that sell in a saturated market.


Learn how to create a product your audience will love and buy. From concept to conversion, this course teaches you how to validate your product’s place in your niche through sound research and development.

Stand out in Etsy’s saturated market, and get your product to rise to the top of your customers' searches. Learn promotion techniques, including Etsy's search engine optimization, for getting noticed among tons of other listings.

Dig in to the marketing, and learn how to create buzz for your digital product. BUT, we don’t want to put all our eggs in one basket, so we’ll go beyond Etsy and work towards a brand that’s sustainable all on its own.


This course will teach you everything you need to know to become an Etsy master. Etsy on Autopilot will give you the tips, tricks, and tactics to move your shop to the front of the class.



Whether you’re new to Etsy or new to digital products, Etsy on Autopilot gives you the tools, resources, and know-how to confidently create + sell a digital product that your audience can’t help but love and buy – on a platform they already trust.

Even better? I’ll teach you how to optimize your digital product on Etsy to reach new customers in your niche. I’ll help you craft an idea, validate it on and off Etsy, then develop a plan to launch and sell it successfully.



What will I learn in this course?

Etsy on Autopilot includes 6 core lessons that take you from discovery, to development, to a shop that nearly runs itself.
Here's a summary of each one, but keep scrolling for a detailed list of what's included with each core lesson.



The basics of digital products + passive income, why Etsy is a great choice to get your feet wet, and how to set up your shop + navigate the backend.


How to research, test, and validate your digital product idea on Etsy, to ensure customers actually want what you have to offer.


How to best organize your content + design your digital product for your customers to have the best experience with you and your shop.



How to optimize your shop and every piece of your product listing for Etsy’s robust search engine.


How to promote your digital product on and off Etsy, to make sure your product is being seen.


How to automate your Etsy shop + streamline your systems so that it all runs on autopilot.


I wouldn’t have had the time to open my Etsy shop without this course, because I didn’t have to worry about trying to figure it all out on my own. I was able to just CREATE for my shop. I was so grateful that the course goes step-by-step through how to set up shop, and I appreciated that I didn’t have to search through how-to’s to get it done!


Ready to get started?

Snag one of the last seats in the course before it closes up for-ev-ER.


Etsy makes so much more sense now! The actionable videos, PDFs, bonus templates + swipe copy made getting started so easy. Within minutes I had my first listing ready to go. The behind-the-scenes knowledge and experience Kelsey has to offer within Etsy on Autopilot was invaluable.



Who's teaching this thing?

(Hey there, Kelsey again.) My story has been a rocky one, that's for sure. Name a few major life changes, and I've probably gone through them in the last three years. Divorce? Check. Baby? Check. Moved to a new city? Check. Quit my job + started a business? Check, check.

Despite all this change, one thing that's remained constant is my Etsy shop. The autopilot income has kept me afloat at times, and provided a consistent stream of income that isn't dependent on my time.


Today, I’m the sole provider for myself and my daughter, with about half of my annual income coming from my Etsy listings that sell on autopilot. But, make no mistake, it took years of trial and error — planning, tweaking and strategizing — to develop a system that finally feels passive.

From creation and validation to marketing my message, I’ve developed a unique system for selling on Etsy that allows me flexibility in my finances and location freedom so I can spend time on what matters most in my life and business. With Etsy on Autopilot, I’ve created a step-by-step, self-paced resource to teach you how to do the same — start building a foundation for digital products that sell on autopilot, on a platform that customers are already flocking to.

Curious about my success on Etsy? This is what my first year full year with digital products looked like:


Questions yet? Check the FAQ’s below. Or email me at, and I’ll respond as soon as I can.


Who is this course for?

  • You recently started selling digital products on Etsy, but are struggling to create a sound strategy that helps you make sales, and you'd still consider yourself a beginner.

  • You're already selling physical or service-based offerings on Etsy and looking to break into digital products and/or passive income.

  • You're totally new to Etsy with a desire to maximize its optimized platform for selling digital products on autopilot.

  • You're new to online business and wanting to start a passive stream of income with minimal overhead and oversight.

  • You're desiring less demand on your time to make money.

  • You're not sure if your product is viable in your niche.

  • You're not sure where to even start with digital products.


Ready to take flight with Etsy on Autopilot?



This course offers invaluable insights on everything from registering your shop to providing good customer service for the long haul, and literally everything in between. If you want to rock on Etsy, you need this class!



What's included in this course?



Learn the basics of digital products, passive income, and selling on Etsy, including setting up your shop if you don’t have one already.

1.1 Intro to Digital Products – what are they, how do they work, and how about 50 ideas to get you started?
1.2 Intro to Etsy – the advantages + disadvantages to selling on the popular platform.
1.3 Setting up Your Etsy Shop – how to setup every inch of your shop, plus a backend tour of the platform so you know your way around.



Learn my methods for researching and testing your digital product ideas so you can be sure your customers will actually want what you create.

2.1 Research Your Ideas – analyze your competition and learn the difference between inspiration + plagiarism, as you start to hone in on your digital product idea.
2.2 Test Your Ideas – gauge the interest of your audience and validate your idea with them (survey questions swipe copy included), so you can be sure your product is actually something they want and need.



Learn how to organize your content into an actual digital product, and best practices for designing in a digital medium.

3.1 Turning Content Into a Product – the difference between custom vs. universal digital products, and different methods to best organize your content.
3.2 Designing Your Product – best practices for designing a digital product to make yours stand out from all the rest on Etsy
Extras – a cheatsheet for file prep, dimensions, and sizing, PLUS 4 quick video tutorials showing you how to design a simple planner in four different programs, and how to make editable PDFs with Adobe Acrobat.



Learn how to prep, price, and present your digital product for the best customer experience possible.

4.1 Prepping Your Product – industry standards for selling digital products on Etsy, how to price your product, and how to create the perfect mockup / thumbnail image to represent it.
4.2 Publishing Your Product – step-by-step walk-through of publishing your first digital product on Etsy
Extras – swipe copy to pull from for common policies + disclaimers, done-for-you design templates for mockups / thumbnail images (available in PSD, AI, IND, and JPG files), plus a worksheet to choose the best tags + keywords to use in your listing.



Learn my strategies for marketing your product both on and off Etsy in a wide variety of ways.

5.1 Promoting Your Digital Products Within Etsy – inside the Etsy search algorithm, advanced SEO techniques on Etsy, promoting within your own shop, seasonal marketing, marketing to return customers, coupon codes + sales, and my take on promoted listings + paid advertising.
5.2 Promoting Your Digital Products Outside of Etsy – a breakdown of the 3 best ways to use content marketing to promote your Etsy shop, and an in-depth look at launching (whether it's your entire shop, a product line, or just a single product).
Extras – the Online Business Planning Kit from the P+O shop to help you map out strategies + plan every moving part of your business + brand (normally $20).



Learn how to manage + automate your shop for a successful future on Etsy.

6.1 Customer Service – customer service etiquette on Etsy, managing + automating customer conversations, and when + how to confront copycats on Etsy (sample email script included).
6.2 Automation + Beyond – how to automate your shop, keeping your digital products relevant for new + existing customers, and starting to build your brand off Etsy.
Extras – swipe copy to pull from for canned responses to common customer questions, and shop upkeep checklists to help you streamline your shop’s maintenance.




•  Advanced lesson on shop branding + design
•  Workshop recording showing behind-the-scenes of my shop stats + strategies timeline
•  Another workshop recording with 5 passive strategies for promoting your shop
•  Done-for-you shop graphic templates in 4 different styles (16 design files total!)
•  Case studies from other successful digital product Etsy shops
•  Vault of 3+ hours of previously recorded Q+A webinars for more detailed Etsy advice
•  Complete list of tools, apps, and programs I use + recommend


I opened my shop in October, and in less than a month I had sales. Woot woot! I continue to be amazed every time sales come in. Once the work was done it really could run itself. My Etsy shop is a growing asset to my business that allows me more time to stretch creatively.



Why use Etsy for selling digital products?

Great question! With so many platforms + avenues for selling digital products, there are a few
core reasons to choose Etsy when you’re starting to turn your passion into passive income.

Established platform

Etsy offers an established platform with an optimized search engine that, when correctly maximized, leads to higher rankings and more eyes on your product. Etsy does much of the marketing work for you, before you even make your first sale.

Secure checkout + INSTANT DOWNLOADS

Etsy's existing shopping cart system streamlines the customer experience with a trusted, secure payment system that puts you, and your customer, at ease. Plus, they deliver digital products automatically after purchase through an instant download feature that's built right in.

Existing customers

Lastly, Etsy offers an existing database of customers coming to Etsy for the products they need, so you can kick off your shop with a real audience that’s already searching for what you have to offer.

Beginner Friendly

Getting started is all about starting simple. Etsy is the perfect platform to start simple, get your work into the world and in the right hands. You don't even need a website to get started! The best news? Etsy grows with you.   


If you've had start an Etsy shop on your to-do list
for awhile, let's move it to done.

join hundreds of other students, and finally make that shop a reality.


Etsy on Autopilot is a great jumping off point to get serious about selling digital products on Etsy. Kelsey takes you through the ups + downs of her personal experience launching her shop. It’s inspiring and a great motivation to get going! Thank you for this course, you are inspiring!





Yes and no. While some content may be things you already know (like getting set up on Etsy, navigating the site, and setting up listings), Etsy on Autopilot talks a lot about choosing the right product (one that your customers actually want), and promoting it across multiple avenues – which could be the reasons you're struggling with sales. We’ll make sure your product is desirable in your niche and prepared to sell, and you’ll finish the course with a plan in place for marketing strategies + future products that keep your shop sustainable for the long-haul. From start to finish, my goal is to help you come up with a profitable idea, turn it into a product, and develop a long-term plan to stand out on Etsy.

I’m already on Etsy and struggling with my sales. Will this course be beneficial for me?


I’m a service-based business and I’m struggling to see how digital products can work for me. Can Etsy on Autopilot help me?

Yes! I’ll walk you through brainstorming and validating your digital product idea before you ever start creating it. Not only will you learn how to create an additional stream of revenue, but successful digital products can help you assert yourself as a leader in your field.


I'm looking to start selling on Etsy with physical products. Can Etsy on Autopilot help me?

Yes and no. While I walk you through the basics of setting up your Etsy shop and getting familiar with the back-end functions of your shop, Etsy on Autopilot is designed specifically to help you create and sell digital products on Etsy’s platform, not so much physical products.


Do I already need to have a business, an Etsy shop, or other offerings before I take Etsy on Autopilot?

No! I’ll walk you through everything from digital product basics to publishing your very first listing on Etsy. You’ll need a minimal understanding of how online business works but, other than that, no products, services, existing Etsy shop or experience are necessary.


What if I hate it?



I'm pretty sure that won’t happen. But, just in case, if you decide within 7 days of purchasing this course that it’s not useful for your business, shoot me an email and I'll refund every penny. I want Etsy on Autopilot to teach you a specific set of skills and systems, not collect dust on your computer. I will, however, ask lots of questions about your request for a refund so I can make sure this course is the best it can be.


How long does it take to finish this course?


Etsy on Autopilot is a self-paced online course. You’ll have immediate access to every single lesson as soon as you purchase this course, but you can work through everything at your own pace, and you’ll have lifetime access to every bit of it.


How does an online course work?




An online course is a completely digital learning experience. Immediately after you purchase this course, you'll be sent an email with details on how to login to a members-only website where you'll be able to access every lesson. This course allows you to work through each lesson at your own pace. All lesson materials are delivered via video tutorials and PDF downloads, all of which are housed in your members-only dashboard. Nothing physical will be shipped to you, and no live, in-person events will be included.


Can I ask something else?

Yes! Ask away — send it to, and I’ll respond as soon as I can. If you're curious about my Etsy shop, click here to pay it a visit.


Start Etsy on Autopilot today, and you'll be on your way to passive income + financial flexibility in no time.

This course gave me a great place to start on selling digital files of my wedding designs, which are brand new to me – and it gave me the step-by-step process to just get them listed and make some money! This was the kick in the butt I needed to just get it DONE.